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Mamma Mia! trailer arrives

MammaMia.jpgThe trailer for Mamma Mia! has finally arrived online. This is the film version of the stage show which features the music of the great Abba alongside the story of a woman trying to find her real father.

The film stars Amanda Seyfried as the girl looking for her father, Meryl Streep as the mother who won't say, and the three possible fathers who arrive for their possible daughter's wedding are Colin Firth, Pierce Brosnan and Stellan Skarsgård.

The line up for the film Mamma Mia! seems really strong, and very surprising considering it's a musical. What's even better is that the trailer does capture you, and for no other reason than the music of Abba has that wonderful upbeat feeling to it.

You can see the trailer over at Yahoo Movies [Flash] and hopefully soon we'll get to see a high definition version.

You know I've never seen the musical, but I just might be tempted by this film. A strange concept, a great set of songs, a strong and diverse cast, and a story with plenty of potential for comic misunderstanding, could this be a hit?



OH NOOO!!! I cant see the trailer until I come home tonight!

You know I've never seen the musical, but I just might be tempted by this film

Believe me Richard, you'll have a fab time. It was playing in Edinburgh in spring last year and now you missed it! :P


It's looking really good! Makes me want to stand up, start singing & dancing to ABBA music all night long!

This is sweet. ;)

Looks good, although I think the trailer could of been better.


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