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Man in the Chair trailer online

ManintheChair.jpgMan in the Chair is a film from Michael Schroeder that has been winning awards at festivals like crazy, you just have to see the poster or this trailer to see all the nominations and wins.

Starring the superb Christopher Plummer it tells the story about an old man who once worked on films such as Citizen Kane and is now struggling with life and coming to the end of his, and when a film student comes to him with his own dreams, something deep inside comes back to life.

Even just watching the trailer I'm fascinated by Christopher Plummer, I've always loved him on screen, and although some may scoff, I thought his performance in Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country was superb. However, his career is much, much more than that and is flowing with superb performances in great films.

Here he is said to steal the show with his performance of Flash Madden alongside Robert Wagner, M. Emmet Walsh and Michael Angarano as the idealistic film student.

Man in the Chair does look superb, and I'm dying to see this as soon as I possibly can. Honestly, the trailer over at Apple Trailers [QT:iPod:S:480p:720p:1080p] is well worth the look and you won't be disappointed.

Here's the blurb from Apple Trailers to go along with it:

The award-winning independent drama MAN IN THE CHAIR stars Christopher Plummer as Flash, a man who longs for the days when he worked as a crew member on such cinematic masterpieces as Citizen Kane. When Flash meets teenage film fanatic Cameron Kincaid (played by Michael Angarano), he becomes an unlikely mentor and agrees to help Cameron make a film to compete in a student competition where the top prize is a film school scholarship and, for Cameron, a ticket out of his difficult home life. Flash, who sees his own life drawing to a close recruits the support of his eccentric friends at the Motion Picture home and helps Cameron make his film and chase his dream.



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