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Metropolis to be remade

Metropolis.jpgThe remake rights to Fritz Lang's Metropolis have been bought and Directors are currently being sought.

Yes you read that right, the classic 1927 silent film Metropolis is to be remade.

The story from Variety through Coming Soon is light on detail other than Thomas Schuehly has bought the rights and has teamed up with Mario Kassar to produce the film. They are looking for directors for the project right now and hope to have someone lined up within the next few months.

The film is set in 2026 and shows an amazing futuristic city with huge skyscrapers and amazing architecture and flying vehicles. The film looks at the huge gulf between the wealthy who live in the highest parts of the city, the thinkers and planners, and the hard workers who live underground and who work hard each day to keep the city going.

Metropolis really is a classic of cinema and inspired so much that we know today, and the idea that it is going to be remade is a real mixed bag.

On one hand there's the fact that it is such an old film and yet the story is still so hugely relevant today, but then on the other there's the fact that it is such an iconic and classic film, a film which is even listed on the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisations World Register as part of Germany's documentary heritage.

I don't really know what to think of this one. Is it a travesty or could there be a decent remake made of Metropolis? Is it just because it's so old, or is there something really to be said from this story?



Hey remember when Hollywood was original? Good times...Good times.

When will this remake madness end???? What's next??? Citizen Kane? The Godfather? Casablanca?

I don't think it's going to end with those, in fact I can see them being remade and the remake machine still going forward!


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