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More Cloverfield TV commercials to watch

Cloverfield.jpgMore television commercials for Cloverfield, the Matt Reeves directed and J.J. Abrams produced monster film, have arrived online.

So you grabbers and freeze framers, get ready for action as there are a couple of shots here that are fast and could yield a fictional glimpse of that monster.

Yeah, right. I had a quick look and couldn't see much, although there's a really nice shot of people running along a collapsing bridge, the Statue of Liberty with her head cut off – a current sign of the times – and a picture of something large burning on the surface of the water in the distance.

If you can make more sense of them then feel free, and tell us all about it.

Here are the new commercials for Cloverfield:

The clips all come from YouTube through Coming Soon. You know, it's not that far away from release now, and I'm actually getting excited. 18th January in the US and 1st February in the UK, with Australia being lucky on the 17th and the rest of the world spread out right up until Turkey on the 21st March.



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