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National Treasure: Book of Secrets clips online

NTBookofSecrets.jpgWell I have to say I'm really unimpressed with these clips of National Treasure: Book of Secrets, of course they could just be really badly chosen clips from the film, but they don't fill me with hope for the sequel to the overly contrived and poorly written National Treasure.

There are three clips, and there is one good thing to say about them, Nicolas Cage doesn't appear to be as wooden as he has been in other films.

Here are the three clips for National Treasure: Book of Secrets from MovieWeb, see what you think.

“We ake our living on crazy”

Double Decked

Heart of the Warrior

Filled with excitement? I'm not.



Oh! I know someone who'd like to see this! :P

(Any plans to have EMAIL THIS TO A FRIEND link sometime in the future, or am I asking too much?)

Nope. I can do that. I'm working on something big at the moment so I'll put that on the list.

Hope it takes off better than Filmstalker readers!

I'm guilty of not using FS Readers as often as I would want to, I realised we can even make suggestions there. Well, I will start doing that now!


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