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New Cassandra's Dream trailer online

CassandrasDream.jpgThe new trailer for Woody Allen's latest film has found it's way online, well actually it's been there for quite a while it's just that I never caught this one. Well I did it's just that the site that posted it restricted it from those outside the U.S., so I didn't get to see it!

The previous trailer was a bit of a mess, but this new one looks a lot better and is set to be completely serious, the side of Woody Allen's film-making that I like.

As far as I'm concerned you can drop the comic Woody Allen and bring this one in, for I loved Match Point (Filmstalker review), and I'm really keen to see this one.

I guess the only worry is that the accents of Colin Farrell and Ewan McGregor actually improve in the film, or are less noticeably silly.

Cassandra's Dream also stars Tom Wilkinson, Hayley Atwell and Tamzin Outhwaite.

Here's the trailer:

Which comes through dtheatre. Now that looks a lot better. There is some palatable tension and the stakes seem to be raised throughout, and if it's anything like Match Point we'll have some cracking twists, plenty of drama, and that tension will be throughout.



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