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New I Am Legend clips

IAmLegend.jpgI wasn't going to write anything about these clips, but then I watched them, and apart from two standard clips, they really do surprise.

One thing that gets you is the superb acting from Will Smith, the quiet, subdued, defeat he carries, the controlled panic, and in the final one the restrained anger.

He does look like he's going to give a cracking performance and the film looks much more like the original novel than the films that have come before I Am Legend such as The Omega Man starring Charlton Heston.

I really am looking forward to the film after these clips from IESB, and here they are. Let's get the ignore the standard separated hero clips and look at the more interesting and powerful moments.

Clip 3 - You are not Alone
Clip 4 - Day 1,001
Clip 6 - What are you doing here Fred?

Watch out for this last clip though, it contains pretty big spoilers in my eyes, although it's something you could probably guess was coming, it does just concrete the fact that it does. However, what it does give us is a hugely powerful moment from Will Smith the actor.

Clip 7 - Possibly big spoilers

There's also a four part behind the scenes visit that they carry, and if you want to have a look then it has some interesting stuff, although the last one refers to that seventh clip which I think contains some big spoilers. If youu're not bothered about that, then head over to IESB and see the five behind the scenes clips.

These clips continue to grow my faith for I Am Legend, it really is looking like a strong film that is much more than the survivalist horror we expected, and Will Smith looks great in it.



my mum and dad came home with i am legend and it did not look very good

wene first watching it it went straight to the city
but i loved the zombie parts it was realy jumppyy it frightend me to death the3 whole family enjoyed iit and everyone is buying it i would premote it to anyone

Glad you liked it Rosie. I just saw it on Blu-ray (review coming) and it was fantastic, especially with the alternate version.


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