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New Rocky Marciano biographical film

RockyMarciano.jpgThe boxing legend Rocky Marciano is set to get his first authorised biographical film, delivering the first real story of the undefeated boxer.

The previous films were both made for television, Marciano on 1979 starring Tony Lo Bianco and Rocky Marciano in 1999 starring Jon Favreau.

Rocky Marciano's family say that neither of the films showed what the man was really like, according to the story from The Hollywood Reporter Lou Marciano, the boxer's brother, said:

“He was a very restless, impatient man -- very curious and bright, not your typical fighter from the streets.”

The film is set to follow the life of the boxer from his childhood right through to his death in a 1969 plane crash. He remains the only championship boxer to retire from his professional career undefeated. He gathered six heavyweight championships and forty-nine straight wins by knockout. Those are dizzying statistics, statistics that modern boxers strive to attain.

The first draft of the script was written by Terri Apple, who has written a TV pilot for another series and has also obtained the rights to the life story of another big boxer, Aaron Pryor.

I've no real idea about Rocky Marciano apart from the overall legend in boxing, perhaps this film can reveal the real life and the real man, however with a first draft and the strike still on, I don't see this getting made any time soon.



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