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New trailer for Forbidden Kingdom in HD

TheForbiddenKingdom.jpgThe Forbidden Kingdom has received a new trailer online, and it's better than the previous one deciding to spend a little more time on the set-up and the main character, and there's no cheesy exit line either.

I have to say that this one is looking better than the first, but I'm still feeling all out of sorts of this east meets west idea with the American teenager. It feels like Bulletproof Monk territory.

Still, the great thing is Jet Li and Jackie Chan together on screen, and who can argue with the possible excitement levels of that?

You can see the trailer for The Forbidden Kingdom over at Yahoo Movies [Flash:QT:480p:720p:1080p] through Twitch and see what you think of it yourself, there's not really that much spent on the two leads that everyone wants to see.

In an interesting comparison though you can see the first trailer and how it looks right here on Filmstalker, it was more of a leaked trailer than anything and was overly long, but it had a completely different look and style to it and worked really well. However which do we believe? Which is really the actual film?

I'm concerned that this is going to turn out to be an attempt to bring two different film cultures and styles together, a marriage that hasn't really worked well to date.



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