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Nim's Island trailer online

NimsIsland.jpgWow, the trailer for Nim's Island has appeared online and I think it deserves an award.

An award for the most contrived and hole ridden plot I've ever seen.

However, there are some good moments, a few interesting moments of comedy, but all in all it sees like a little kids comedy with an incredibly daft set-up.

Here's the story. A kid on an island in the middle of nowhere living with her science type father adores the adventure stories of a writer who never leaves her home back in big city America. The kid's father disappears in a storm one night out in his boat and the girl is left on her own fearing hostile invaders. She emails the author of her favourite books and asks for help, and the author heads off to the island to save her, despite being scared of everything and not really understanding the world.

Jodie Foster plays the author, Gerard Butler the father and imaginary adventurer, and Abigail Breslin the daughter. Although it sounds a good cast, the trailer just made me grimace.

Let's get this right, the kid has access to the internet to send email and surf websites, why can't she call for help? Why hasn't the father ever shown her how to call for help in an emergency? Why doesn't the author have a whole publishing company and PR department to clear through emails like these? More to the point when she does get the email, why doesn't she just forward it to the authorities instead of heading out on a cross world trip to save the girl when she can't leave her apartment each day?

Ridiculous granted, however this one exchange made me laugh.

“Beautiful ocean, doesn't that just feel great?” - Butler
“No, it doesn't feel grreat” - Foster

Not smirking? Well watch the trailer. Gerard Butler is sporting his usual Scottish accent (good man for not changing) and Jodie Foster imitates it, and that had me laughing.

You can see the trailer for Nim's Island in high definition over at Yahoo Movies [Flash:QT:480p:720p:1080p] through First Showing.



HAHAHA I haven't even seen the trailer but I am laughing. But it's really more on the way you described what it's about.

Now from the sound of it, this film is possibly the type that requires a LOT of suspension of disbelief.

It's Butler again eh? I am really getting tired of him now.

NOT! *swoons*


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