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Opening credits for Sweeney Todd

SweenyTodd.jpgI don't see what the fuss is about for the opening credits for Sweeney Todd that have just been released online, blood and animated cogs, what's the big deal then?

There's not a single appearance of anything but credits, so I really don't see what there is to be excited about, although the practice of looking at credits as their own artform is something I really do like.

You can see the credits for Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street over at Broadway World [Flash] through MoviesOnline.

The film sees Johnny Depp playing Sweeney Todd, the man who was wrongfully convicted and sent to Australia as a convict, returns after his fifteen year sentance. However he's a different man, filled with hatred and anger, and so he goes in search of those who put him there.

He sets up a barbers shop above a pie shop, and pretty soon the two are doing a roaring trade, as Todd gets his revenge and supplies the meat for the pies.

So after all that and the clips we've seen, even the majority of non-singing clips for this is a musical, I think the credits are pretty lacklustre.



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