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Writer talks Abrams Star Trek

StarTrek_Poster.jpgRoberto Orci, one of the writers of the upcoming Star Trek film from J.J. Abrams has been talking about their plans for the film and what they had initially hoped for it. Although there aren't big reveals, he does say that there was only ever one plan to make this film and that included getting Leonard Nimoy on board.

He also says that they thought it was a fresh idea to look back in the history of Star Trek.

That last comment had me confused. Here's what he said courtesy of Sci Fi Wire:

"It felt like it has been The Next Generation and The Next, Next Generation for so long, it seemed like a fresh thing to go back to the source and to go back to what happened before it."

What? Didn't any of you guys see Enterprise? Star Trek: First Contact? Actually I say Enterprise more than anything because it seems to me this is the Enterprise series film, and that they are trying to shake off everything that Enterprise did and was.

I, for one, think that's dreadful, because Enterprise was a lot better than was given credit for, especially when you look at some of the other series.

He also talked about how they had one idea for the film, and if Leonard Nimoy had said no, they would have been in trouble:

"it was essential that we had Nimoy. Frankly, I didn't understand any other way to do it. We didn't have a Plan B. I think that would have shown that we didn't have a true, singular vision of what we wanted to do, so it was essential for us to get Nimoy. It was a gigantic gamble, and I can't even believe that J.J. supported that kind of a gamble, but I think he understood it was the way to do it and a way to get the blessing for Star Trek, to show there is continuity for the spirit of what it was before."

Well it did pay off, and let's hope the film does too. I can't help thinking though that the amount of time and effort they wasted on some of the other shows couldn't have meant more backing for Enterprise and perhaps we'd be seeing a similar story but with that crew, and for me that would have been much more palatable than restarting with a brand new young Kirk crew.



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