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Over Her Dead Body trailer

EvaLongoria.jpgOver Her Dead Body has a trailer. What film I hear you ask? Well, it stars Paul Rudd as a man who seeks the advice of a spiritualist to help get over the death of his wife. His friend, played by Lindsay Sloane, approaches the spiritualist and gets her to fake answers in order to help him get over the events that much quicker.

You can probably guess what's coming.

The spiritualist, played by Lake Bell, falls for him, they get together, but the surprise is that the dead wife, played by Eva Longoria, begins to appear to her and tries to ruin the relationship by any means necessary.

Yes it does sound contrived, but you know what? The trailer doesn't look that bad...until the final moments and the comic Final Destination scene with Jason Biggs. You know this might be a nice light hearted giggle your way through film, what do you think?

Have a look at the trailer for Over Her Dead Body from AOL through Movie-List Forums high resolution [MOV:640x480] or medium resolution [MOV:480x360].

Anything there that shakes your fancy?



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