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Peter Berg to direct Dune

PeterBerg.jpgAfter rumours two months ago, Peter Berg has confirmed that he's signed to direct a new version of Dune, a remake of the original film from David Lynch some might say, or a new version from the original Frank Herbert novel (Amazon.co.uk / Amazon.com) for others.

It depends where you sit with the David Lynch to begin with, but the news that Peter Berg is definitely tackling a version of this is exciting, especially considering his work to date.

Very Bad Things, Friday Night Lights and The Kingdom and that's not counting the upcoming Hancock. Peter Berg certainly has the Hollywood street cred and the style to carry this off and he'll carry with him a real desire to get the film made as he says he is a big fan of the Dune novel.

Over at MTV Movies Blog he reveals that there's no script and we'll have to wait until after the strike is over. He also revealed that the scale of Dune is going to be big and that while he's a big fan of David Lynch he thinks that his version of the Dune film definitely left a big gap for a remake to come along.

The word was that Berg was also discussing directing Tom Cruise in Edwin A. Salt, and from the cryptic words he gives it would seem that he's definitely in discussions for the role.

Berg called the script about a CIA agent on the run after being accused of being a spy "great" and "a great role for Tom." Berg described the story as an "action thriller" and that "the audience is trying to figure out whether this character is good or bad. He's claiming one thing and we're not sure up until the very end."

Now that sounds like an interesting story. We already heard that it was about an American agent who has the finger pointed at him by a Russian defector as a Russian sleeper spy and he goes on the run to clear his name, except it looks like now he could be the spy, he just doesn't know it, hence the sleeper part. I like that idea and reminds me of the excellent Kevin Costner film No Way Out.



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