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P.S. I Love You new trailer

PSILoveYou.jpgGerard Butler topless with braces on, isn't that what every woman dreams of? Well now you can see it, if just for a fleeting moment, with the new trailer for P.S. I Love You.

The trailer is in multiple formats and sizes, just like if you could get a doll version of Gerard Butler. For the men there's Hilary Swank and Gena Gershon, so it's not all one sided.

P.S. I Love You stars Hilary Swank and Gerard Butler as a couple madly in love, separated by death. Gerard Butler's character dies but before he did he prepared a series of letters and tapes that would help her move on in her life and finally get over him.

It sounds like a film filled with huge romantic moments that'll have us all bubbling in the cinema, man or woman.

Here's the trailer to catch a glimpse of Gerard's naked chest and that superb braces look he has.

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Seriously, is it just me but Hilary Swank doesnt look very much like a girl. Looks kinda manly.

And no, I am not jealous of her at all! :D

I think it depends on what light you catch her with!

At times she can look gorgeous.

I've got tickets to see this next week!

A woman looking like a real woman should look the same with or without the help of light Richard. ;)

As for Butler, now there's a real man! Hubba-hubba! *swoons*

Oh dear, are you perhaps slightly down on her because she's starring next to Butler? ;)


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