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Raimi's next not Hobbit

SamRaimi.jpgNo you eager people, Sam Raimi's next project is not directing The Hobbit, no matter how much you write it and hope it.

His next project as Director is actually going to be a film called Drag Me to Hell which he wrote with Ivan Raimi, his brother.

Even Variety is getting excited at the prospect and wrote the following:

"After "Drag Me to Hell," Raimi is expected to go right back up the mountaintop and take the helm of "The Hobbit" films for New Line and MGM now that Peter Jackson has made it clear he won't direct."

I'd like to know where their source is for that as there's been nothing but speculation so far that Sam Raimi would be on The Hobbit, and we've just heard that Peter Jackson is not directing and that the project is going ahead as two films.

Granted I think he's a cracking choice, but there's no confirmation yet.

So at the moment on his slate he has the following, excerpted from the ninety-nine percent reliable IMDB:

Untitled Shannon-Swift Project (2009) (in production) (producer) Priest (2009) (in production) (producer) The Evil Dead (2009) (announced) (producer) Dibbuk Box (2008) (announced) (producer) The Grudge 3 (2009) (pre-production) (producer) Armored (2009) (pre-production) (producer) Drag Me to Hell (2008) (pre-production) (producer) "Wizard's First Rule" (2008) (mini) TV mini-series (pre-production) (executive producer)

That's quite a bit on there, although production credits aren't always that demanding. Slot Director in for Drag Me to Hell, and perhaps one other, and then there's little room for The Hobbit.

Mind you if he were offered it I could see him snapping it up and moving other projects out, but it does seem that his first goal is Drag Me to Hell.

The film will tell the story of a person who receives a supernatural curse and doesn't realise it. According to the Variety story the script was written after Army of Darkness was completed and originally called The Curse.

It will see Raimi move away from the big budget epics of Spider-Man and move closer to his film making roots again. Of the film Rob Tapert, one of the producers, said that Raimi called it...

"...a wild ride with all the chills and spills that 'Evil Dead' delivered, without relying on the excessive violence of that film"

Sounds interesting, and it does mean that The Hobbit is not next, after all he's still not accepted it yet, and we don't really know if he's been offered it.



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