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Resident Evil: Degeneration teaser online

ResidentEvilExtinction.jpgThe first teaser is online for the new Resident Evil film, a purely computer generated film which looks at the events some seven years after those of Racoon City in the game of Resident Evil 2.

Claire Redfield will be making a return to the series, as will the horrible and deadly zombies.

It looks like it will be focussing on the events that began the decline of civilisation, the latter stages of which we see in the third film, Resident Evil: Extinction and I have to say I'm not that impressed with the CG shown in the teaser.

Sure it's good, but it's PS3/XBox 360 cut scenes good, not full film CG good. I would have expected a little more from a film version.

There's not much to be had from the teaser, although we do see the start of the chaos, and watching that plane crash into the terminal could be a pretty good moment.

I'll be interested to see how they handle this film and if they can pull it off, or whether we're just going to see elongated game cinematic scenes.

Here's the trailer for you which comes through Twitch.



that looked like Leon Kennedy of the Raccoon citty PD, if i'm not mistaken. he was the hero of one of the first 3 games, then returned in the absolutely, hands down BEST RE game "RE4". Richard, if you have a PS2, PS3, Gamecube or Wii, i seriously reccomend playing it. It's one of the best games i've ever had the priveledge of playing, and Leon was one of the things that made it awesome.

i like the art style of this here. and as you know, zombie movies hook me in like sharks to chum.

excuse me. i'm heading off to play resident evil 4 again.........

Spot on! Well done for catching that one, he is in the storyline.

I have all three! So Resident Evil 4 is a must? I think I may invest with some Xmas vouchers.

Has it got longevity, and if I remember back to my RE playing days, are you always running out of ammo in tight squeezes?

Looks to be DOA unfortuantely, seems very similar to the sponsor adverts that plague Channel 4 every bloody night.

Keeping up with the 'Resident:Evil' game jibber jabber - have either of you caught the trailer for the fifth game? I'm not even a fan but ey by gum this looks a beast!


DOA? How so?

Yeah, I saw that trailer in hi-res over at Eurogamer some time ago. Corker, looks really good graphically.

Excuse me if I may, but have any of you guys played all of the games? And I dont mean the ones like in the past 5 years either, I mean the very first one on he PC that had very, very crappy grapics. I kinda consider myself a Resident Evil expert. In my opinion, Resident Evil 4 was the WORST game in the series, and the new film looks cool because it focuses on the games and books storylines. And actually the man in the movie does resemble Leon, but also Carlos Olivera...

Actually I've ONLY played the early games...so really I can't comment on the newer ones.


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