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Roberts talks Charlie Wilson's War message

CharlieWilsonsWar.jpgRemember I talked about the ending of Charlie Wilson's War being changed because the real life person that the character Julia Roberts played was concerned at how the connections were made to today's terrorism against the west?

Well Julia Roberts was asked a roundabout question of what she thought of the message of the film, and she skirted around it rather well.

You'll remember back to the original story that the concern was the original ending of Charlie Wilson's War suggested that the funding of the Afghanistan fighters and the withdrawal of all support from the country once they had won had given rise to the anti-western feelings, the Taliban and indeed Al Qaeda itself.

This is what the real life characters showed concern about as their story was being connected with modern day terrorism such as the Twin Towers attacks. So they complained and managed to get the ending altered.

Now as much as I can see that they are trying to preserve their standing, this is indeed what I had believed to have happened, so why is there the big move to hide it and glamorise the events and the actions of these people involved?

Answering a question over at Deadbolt, Julia Roberts responded very wisely to the question of the message in the film pertaining to today's culture in the Middle East:

"I think first of all to say - I think, if you are eluding to is there a message, like an after movie from the point that the movie ends, and I think there is a message from long before the movie begins, just a timeline of our world and the events and how things happened. But to me this movie is a total character piece. This is about people and heart and passion and chemistry and focus on the ability to accomplish things. This blew the doors off. I couldn’t believe that this happened. I couldn’t believe that I didn’t know anything about any of this. It’s phenomenal. And I think to look at these three people to see the different concepts of their power and what they do with it and who they are and how they lead their lives, I think it’s so fascinating and in a way, inspiring to say how much can really be accomplished."

Well said her, she managed to avoid the dangerous question and keep promoting the film. However what this tells me is that the film is indeed going to shut out the more controversial questions that should be examined, about how these organisations grew and developed and how they could have been stopped from doing so.

Instead it looks like we're going to see another Hollywood film looking at historical events and glossing over the real questions and facts in the name of entertainment. Yes though, I'll still probably go and see it, but I'll keep an open mind.



Miss seeing Tom Hanks on the big screen since last year's Da Vinci Code.


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