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Russell Crowe as Dirty Harry?

RussellCrowe.jpgThere’s a rumour going around that Russell Crowe is to be the next Dirty Harry, following in the footsteps of the hugely popular Clint Eastwood, the man who defined the role.

This is a bizarre rumour that has started, and I’m convinced it’s not true, or if it is there’s just some Producers somewhere mulling over the idea and have let slip to someone about their discussions.

The story is that Geoffrey Rush let something slip on the AFI Awards, saying something along the lines of the following during his hosting of the show:

“Heath [Ledger] is the Joker; Russell [Crowe] is the new Dirty Harry and Cate [Blanchett] is Bob Dylan”

Well with the Joker and the Dylan casting correct, is the Dirty Harry one true too, or was it just an example of bizarre casting that is never coming to pass? The rumour comes through Clint at Moviehole who received a number of emails talking about the AFI show.

Russell Crowe as the new Dirty Harry? I think that could actually work.

First of all I could see the Dirty Harry character making a comeback, the story that the films told is even more relevant today, a harder, more brutal form of justice being handed out to the bad guys in a style that they understand and fear more than the law.

Then there’s Crowe himself, a man who really does fit that character almost as well as Clint Eastwood did when the character first appeared. Well perhaps Crowe’s character would be a little more rough and a little less considered, but again I think that would suit a new Dirty Harry well.

Whether the rumour is true or not, what do you think? Would you see Crowe as a new Dirty Harry?



I have no doubt that Crowe could pull this off. I think he could do a great job. However, I think that some roles are not meant to be remade. Clint is one of a kind. The right question is not, "Could this be done?" but "Should this be done?"

I have wondered if Clint would ever make another Dirty Harry movie. You know, the retired cop getting back into the action for some reason. I think it could be done.

Has the great hollywood run out of original ideas? What has happened to the characters that define someones acting career? Dirty Harry, The Man with No Name, Han Solo, Rocky, John McClane, even Elijah Wood will always be remembered as Frodo. Instead we've seen a flux of remakes from the late sixties to the mid eighties. From 007 to 3:10 to yuma to miami vice to teenage mutant nija turtles and countless others. Granted some of these roles could hardly define someones career, but the point of original ideas remain the same. The younger generation is getting ripped off by intoducing these productions as new. Is it coincidental that they are too young to remember the originals, I think not. Crowe is rugged enough to play a role such as this, maybe as Dirty Harry jr.

Now that's a cracking idea for a feature Jay, I'm going to get working on that one this weekend.

You're right, Crowe is the right character for the role, but do they really need to do it? Especially when Clint made the role so famous and made it his own.

What's more important is he took the character through a complete journey and there's no a need for anything more to be told about Harry. He's done it, been there, shot them.

If they 'must' make a remake ... I'd say give the role to Hugh Jackman

There's only one actor with the same face and atitude, and he walks like Clint (look the first 10 minutes of "Face Off". HUGH JACKMAN, He's perfect for Dirty Harry.

@ Franco: Hugh Jackman was in Face Off?


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