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Secret film showings in UK

Future Shorts are planning something rather interesting in the UK in the coming months, Secret Cinema, which comprises of last minute announced screenings in unusual locations throughout the UK.

It's something that's been done before with Stella Screen who did screenings in locations befitting of the film, Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde in a Scottish surgeons building, or Texas Chainsaw Massacre in an old meat factory, however these will be revealed in the last moments.

Films are to be shown at themed locations, just like with Stella Screen, and here there are to be surprise guests, rescores and even special installations, according to the story in Variety.

The first event is scheduled for the 16th of December in London with the venue to be revealed online the morning of the screening with a clue about the film being shown, not the actual title it seems.

According to Future Shorts, events are planned for other cities around the UK, not just London, including Bristol, Manchester, Newcastle, Edinburgh, Glasgow and Belfast from February.

To find out more you have to visit the Secret Cinema site and sign up for the email alerts, and then just wait...



Sweeet .. on it like a rash!


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