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Sex and the City trailer online in HD

SexandtheCity.jpgWow, what a damp squib that was. The trailer for Sex and the City is now online, and I have to say that I'm rather disappointed.

Let's be fair though, this is a teaser, hardly a trailer, and they've just packed a load of quick flashing images in near the end to pad it out. Really it could be anything.

If you are to start analysing it though you might wonder why there's so much of Carrie spinning round in a dress, is she really getting married or were the scenes we saw on the street a bit of a fake to misdirect the press? I mean there are loads of her in that dress in the trailer and it all looks to be part of a photo shoot.

Still, with her opening words you could be forgiven in thinking that her relationship with Mr Big is going to hit the rocks, after all nothing remains constant apart from friends...

You can try and see the Sex and the City trailer over at Moviefone [Flash] if you're in the U.S., I tried after being sent there by Rope of Silicon and couldn't see the flash version.

Even the Quicktime wouldn't let me anywhere near it. So just like the Speed Racer trailer I thought if that's how they're doing it...and so here are the three High Definition streams for you in Quicktime:

Sex and the City trailer in 480p, 720p and 1080p

I might as well embed the trailer if you're able to see it.



So true, nothing lasts forever, it's all so cliché.

I didnt sound too bitter there did I? :P


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