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Singleton to direct A-Team?

TheATeam.jpgYou know it was my first story written on the Interflab on the 15th of October 2004, the A-Team was getting made into a film, and look at us now, three years later and nothing has moved any further, just more rumours.

So today the rumour that John Singleton is signing as Director of the film seems a little out of the blue.

Sure there has been plenty time for a Director to be chosen and we've heard from the film time and time again, but every time we do it comes to nothing, just another rumour.

There's no official response about the rumour of John Singleton directing as yet, but I really do expect this one to be blasted out of the water. In fact I'm even wondering if I've heard it before!

Of course, if I'm wrong there's only one answer, finally, after all this time, a film of the A-Team is going ahead.

The rumour from IESB continues that the film will be updated to show the A-Team as veterans of the Gulf War, in the original they were veterans of the Vietnam war and now soldiers of fortune while on the run from the military accused of crimes they didn't commit.

The A-Team were more like The Equalizer (also undergoing a film treatment that has never come to pass) than mercenaries, always fighting for the good side and somehow never killing anyone. The big sequence of each episode would be where they were holed up somewhere and had to build something out of nothing to escape, which they always managed.

The A-Team were made up of Hannibal, Face, B. A. Baracus and Murdock and were played by George Peppard, Dwight Schultz, Mr. T. and Dirk Benedict.

It was a great Saturday afternoon show, but the big question is if this really is true and if we really will ever see the A-Team on the big screen. In this culture of remakes you'd think they'd be jumping at the chance.



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