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Speed Racer footage online

SpeedRacer.jpgThere's a little footage online from behind the scenes of Speed Racer, and while it doesn't look very interesting, it does seem as though it's trying to stay true to the original, the only problem seems to be the utter campiness of the characters in the clip.

I'm sure that there's going to be CGI galore to beef the characters up and make it all look much more of a future reality than it currently looks, but that brief glimpse really does look cheesy don't you think?

It does look really close to the original cartoon of Speed Racer though, and there's a lot more real life stuff compared to CGI, although to be fair we're only catching a very small glimpse.

Here's the video to see what you think, thanks to CHUD who have the iklipz link seen below, and we get a little from Matthew Fox who doesn't seem so lost in a tight rubber outfit!



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