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Speed Racer trailer online in HD

SpeedRacer-Car.jpgThe trailer for Speed Racer is online, I just caught it as I was watching the Sex and the City trailer, plus it's in Quicktime HD.

The Wachowski Brothers are creating the big screen version of the comic book and cartoon series Speed Racer, and although I thought the original images were campy, the completed CGI photos have been looking pretty stylish.

You can see some stills from the film over at USA Today through Jo Blo, but there's nothing better than getting stuck into the trailer.

So going back to my campy comments, I have to say that after seeing the trailer which just downloaded and played, I am hooked. The trailer is put together perfectly, and despite a few overly goofy looking moments, the film looks really slick and stylish, some of the racing scenes look superb.

Could the Wachowski Brothers be delivering again? I think they just might have with their adaptation of Speed Racer.

Here are the links to the High Definition trailer and I've embedded the region restricted trailer for you too.

Speed Racer trailer in 480p, 720p and 1080p.

The trailer comes from Moviefone.



Racer X hasn't quite got the fist catching thing down yet has he?

I agree it does look 'goofy' in some moments, and the last line said is a bit 'wooden' thinks my boss.

Visually it looks stunning, but I couldn't stop but think of Disney's Pixar's Cars at some moments in the trailer. I felt like I was watching a video game actually.

I think it will be a hit though. Kids will lap it up!

No Mace, he is a bit all over the place with his catching.

You're right Billy, it does have the look of Cars a little bit.


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