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Stalked: Bettany on Born, Kinglsey on Shutter Island

PaulBettany.jpgPaul Bettany, despite previous rumours, seems to be cast in Born which is co-written by Clive Barker.

Ben Kingsley is set to appear in the Martin Scorsese film Shutter Island along with some other big name actors.

Paul Bettany was previously rumoured to be cast in Born along with his wife Jennifer Connelly, but the rumours were quickly quashed and it seemed that neither were attached to the Clive Barker and Guillermo del Toro produced film.

Barker, Daniel Simpson and Paul Kaye wrote the script for the film which has an interesting write up.

"...a couple who settle down in an idyllic English town to start their family. However life starts taking a strange turn when the husband's work begins to take over his life. He's a claymation artist, and he has his characters act out a nightmare that starts becoming real."

Daniel Simpson is set to direct, and that line up of talent sounds rather interesting. Bloody Disgusting has the news that Paul Bettany is in the film but Jennifer Connelly is not.

Meanwhile Yahoo News tells us that Ben Kingsley has signed to Shutter Island, the film from Martin Scorsese adapted from the Dennis Lehane novel about U.S. Marshalls tracking down a criminally insane murderer who has escaped from a mental prison on Shutter Island, although as they investigate a conspiracy is revealed and a hurricane sparks a riot. Leonardo DiCaprio and Mark Ruffalo are already attached.



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