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Stalked: DiCaprio on Enron, Grace on Source Code

There are two projects from that script list we saw the other day that have just received big cast names, and that's Leonardo DiCaprio on the film about the Enron collapse and Topher Grace on the imaginative Source Code.

Topher Grace joins Source Code which tells the story of an experimental government project that is trying to investigate a terrorist attack on a commuter train that has already happened. As part of this they take a soldier and somehow replay events to him. Sounds rather intriguing. The news comes from MoviesOnline.

Meanwhile Leonardo DiCaprio is joining the film about the collapse of Enron and the political behind the scenes rubbish that went on behind the scenes, although there does seem to be some artistic license being taken with the story for Hollywood. According to MoviesOnline the story will have Leonardo DiCaprio playing an employee who exposes the unscrupulous accounting of the company. My fear here is that this story is going to be too small and that it'll miss the injustices and the high reaching revelations.



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