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Stalked: Severance Director in Bermuda Triangle and Mitra, Elba, Ventimiglia, Badlwin casting

RhonaMitra.jpgChristopher Smith is looking to a Bermuda Triangle film, Rhona Mitra has joined Josh Lucas in The Boy in the Box, Idris Elba has joined Matt Dillon in Bone Deep, Milo Ventimiglia is playing two bad guys and Alec Baldwin is joining Cameron Diaz and the Fanning in My Sister's Keeper.

The Director of Severance and Creep Christopher Smith is turning his attention to a well visited region in a psychological thriller based in the Bermuda Triangle simply called Triangle. There are no more details from the story over at Bloody Disgusting.

Rhona Mitra continues to get into interesting projects, now she's joining the thriller The Boy in the Box starring Josh Lucas, James Van Der Beek, Jon Hamm, Morena Baccarin, Jimmy Bennett and Jessica Chastain according to The Hollywood Reporter. The film follows a small town Police Chief who discovers the mumified remains of a boy killed fifty years ago and is determined to find the killer. The story also tells us that Mitra is set to appear in Underworld: Rise of the Lycans.

Idris Elba, according to The Hollywood Reporter through Coming Soon, is to star in the bank heist thriller Bone Deep which already stars Matt Dillon as a detective trying to track down the robbers.

Milo Ventimiglia has revealed that he is appearing in the Gerard Butler starrer Game and another film called Chaos Theory where he plays bad guys. According to the Entertainment Weekly interview through Coming Soon:

I'm doing two features before Christmas. One is called Game, and that's with Gerard Butler and Amber Valletta...[playing]...A very interesting futuristic character that's not necessarily in control of himself...then I'm doing an independent film called Chaos Theory about a guy who leads a very organized life, and someone comes into that life and just sets a downward spiral in motion...Kind of two bad-guy roles for the holidays for me.

Finally Alec Baldwin is set to join the Nick Cassavetes film My Sister's Keeper as the lawyer who helps the character played by Elle Fanning sue her parents because they bred her to be a genetic match and donor for her ailing sister, played by Dakota Fanning. Her mother, played by Cameron Diaz, defends herself in court. The story comes from Variety.



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