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Stalker's Poll: The Writer's Strike

Vote.jpgThe writer's strike has no real sign of being over until after Christmas, barring some miracle meeting of minds between the two sides.

There hasn't been any real impact on us, the audience, just yet, but it's coming. So let's see what the Filmstalker audience think of the strike and how they feel about the Writer's....rights.

At the moment we're seeing films that were written and completed before the strike started, and the films in development now are those that also had their scripts completed before the strike.

So while it may be affecting the studios right now, it's not really affecting the cinema audience. Those that are seeing the biggest affect right now are the television audience, as the turnaround from script to screen is much quicker than in film, weeks and months rather than years.

While the U.S. audience begin to see their favourite shows come off air, the cinemas keep going.

Except it doesn't look like this latest round of talks is going to come to a deal, and that means the strike is going to continue until early next year.

Pretty soon we're going to start seeing films whose scripts have been completed, but there was no one around for rewrites and polishes. These are the scripts that were rushed through before the strike completed to try and fill the gap. That means a raft of under par films.

The more worrying thing is if the Actors then go on strike too. They've already shown that they support the Writers as we saw a host of the A-List Actors appear in the Speechless series of short films to support their cause.

If the Actors go on strike too then never mind a shortage of scripts, there won't be anyone to appear in them.

I really can't see the studios letting it reach that point. However what do you think of the Writers strike so far? Where does your support lie? Let's look at the recent poll that I ran on the site:

The Writers strike: Audience vote
50% - Totally agree with them
29% - I just want to keep seeing good films
8% - Disagree, they earn enough
3% - Disagree, DVD/Net profits aren't theirs

Other Answers:
“They make more money than me, doing what i want to do. what's the problem?”
“Who cares?”
“The writers are [Expletive removed - Richard]”

Well any striking Writers out there need not worry about that last one, that's the usual Interflab troublemaker and shouldn't really be taken as a commentary on writers and the strike.

Fifty percent is a good amount of the audience that do agree with them, although it could certainly do with being higher.

However it doesn't necessarily mean that they don't have support, perhaps there's just not a true understanding of what is going on and what's at stake, and that can be seen by the twenty nine percent who are rather indifferent, they just want to keep seeing good films, something that could well stop as the writer's strike really does hit home.

What is the most telling are the figures for those that think they earn enough or that the profits aren't theirs, a whole eleven percent, not really that much.

So perhaps the audience are behind them after all, however that might change when the screens begin to dim.



Not necessarily on any side but the writers need to consider that the servers and internet bandwidth required to show tv shows on the net cost money and not just one off payments in terms of the bandwidth.

The Writers SHOULD get a cut from this but shouldn't expect too much because they can't give them more money than would make it profitable to do it at all.


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