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Stalker's Top Ten: Firebug Productions 2007 Films

10FSReel.jpgNext on the Filmstalker are Firebug Production's three Top Ten lists, yes you really are being spoiled as Firebug has put together a number of lists of films, and you'll spot the difference here easily, there aren't ten.

Oh no, there's more than ten in his Top Films of 2007 list, and less than ten in his Worst of 2007 and Most overhyped of 2007. However they are good lists.

So big thanks to Firebug Productions for their lists. See what you think and if you agree with these ones.

Best of 2007
The Prestige - Good twists at the end.
The Descent - Excellent follow up to Dog Soldiers, very creepy and made me feel claustrophobic in the theatre when I'm not.
Pans Labyrinth - As one critic said, a masterpiece.
Hairspray - Awesome songs, great casting.
Atonement - Fantastic.
Deliver Us From Evil - In a word, heartbreaking.
La Vie En Rose - Fantastic acting from lead actress.
Control - Love that music.
Transformers - Biggest and best blockbuster of the last 10 years.
Borat - Funniest movie Ive seen in a long time.
Volver - Just one reason why foreign movies are usually better than Hollywood movies.
The Departed - not his best movie but great he won directing Oscar.
Waitress - touching and moving chick flick.
Breach - Yet more proof of how excellent an actor Chris Cooper is.
The Assassination Of Jesse James By The Coward Robert Ford - More good casting.

Worst of 2007
Dream Girls - Singing instead of talking in some parts really spoiled this movie.
The Reaping - After a few great movies Hilary Swank went to this, what was she thinking.
Perfect Stranger - Too many twists at the end.
Rush Hour 3 - A few laughs but nowhere near as many as either of the other two.

Most overhyped of 2007
Ratatouille - Didnt feel this was as good as previous Pixar movies or as good as critics said.
The Host - Didnt feel this was as good as critics said.

Huge thanks to Firebug for his lists. If you'd like to have your own list up here, rather than have the site owner (that's me) ram their list at you, just drop me an email with them, what name you want to go by, and a link back, and I'll get them posted up.

So what do you think of Firebug's lists?



Best of 2007
La Vie En Rose - Fantastic acting from lead actress.

Glad you thought so too! I want Cotillard to get all them acting nominations and hopefully, win 'em too!

A lot of them pictures were released in 2006, but we won't split hairs. :)

I'll have to get around to compiling my list (although I'm hoping to take in 1 or 2 more before I do)

A few that will make it to my Top 10 Best were also released in 2006 but wasnt released in the UK until 2007, surely that's not a big problem is it? Because then it will just be a much shorter list!

No, I always think that it's the date of release in your territory, not the U.S. that counts, that's why we'll see next year Sweeney Todd appearing in my UK lists, whether it's good or bad!

At least the Indian films have one International release date ..

Yeah I live in New Zealand and all the movies on my lists were released here in 2007.


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