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Star Trek's Enterprise revealed?

Enterprise.jpgTake this as a big rumour and also a possible fan made image, albeit a very good one, but there's a picture online that is being reported as the first picture from J.J. Abram's Star Trek of the new Enterprise NCC-1701 starship.

I almost wrote starshop. There's no confirmation or denial as yet, and it does look very good.

I'm unsure where the image first came up on the interflab but IESB is carrying it bold as day.

It looks pretty much like the standard Enterprise to be honest, although there are some nice glow effects on those see-through engines.

In a way I hope the image is real because then we'll start seeing something substantial come out of the Star Trek film and something that will give the fans a bit of reassurance on the direction of their much loved series.

Really though, I think at this stage of the franchise they could do anything. When you look back at some of the messes that have been made of it, changing the Enterprise is hardly a biggie.

Updated: ScreenRant have some video made by a CGI artist from some time back that was doing the rounds before this story became relevant with the recent talk of a refitted and remodelled Enterprise for Abram's Star Trek. Apparently this shot is taken right from there. Seems I was right that it wasn't real after all.



Unfortunately it's a fake - saw this design last year on some other web site. Hopefully they won't mess around with the look too much!


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