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Strange Wilderness red band clip online

SteveZahn.jpgThere's a clip online for the comedy Strange Wilderness, and this one is definitely for over eighteens only, and you can see why - breasts, drug taking, animals having sex, and a penis gobbling turkey.

All wrapped up together this is everything I hate about the dumb comedies coming out of Hollywood. You can see the unimaginative and standard gag filled clip right here.

Frankly the only reason this is red band is because there's a guy pretending to smoke pot (of course it might have been real on set!) and a bunch of naked women jumping up and down.

I shake my head in sorrow, although that said I did find one funny moment, the description of what seals would be up against. The rest is, well, painful. However, I'm big enough to realise that there is an audience out there for this rubbish, so knock yourself out and try and persuade me I should be watching this..."La La La La, I'm not listening!"

There is a story in there somewhere, a bunch of no hopers whose rubbish wildlife show is about to be cancelled find out where Bigfoot is and set off to get him. That's Strange Wilderness.

You can see the trailer over at Break [Flash] through Jo Blo.



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