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Terminator 4 plot revealed - Bale not lead

Terminator.jpgThere's a little reveal for the Terminator 4, Terminator Salvation: The Future Begins, plot online, well a big reveal, and it points out something I've been saying for ages but no one has been listening, all too busy shouting about Christian Bale being John Connor in the new film.

John Connor is not the focus of the story, it's a new hero, a new cast member. So just change your thinking for a moment, Christian Bale is not going to be the star of the film, and in fact we don't know how much he's going to feature in it.

I've been saying this for ages, continually referring to a comment the producers made back in July that John Connor is not the focus of the film and he won't be in it that much. Christian Bale could amount to a few short scenes in the film.

The new star is going to be a character called Marcus who, for some as yet unknown reason, wakes up some fifteen years before the future we saw in the original Terminator film where the robots were crunching over the skulls of humans. For some reason he was sleeping through the entire nuclear war - this reason I am sure will be leaked at some point.

When he gets back into society, amazed that it is all post apocalyptic and rather unpalatable, John Connor is in the throes of getting the resistance together and trying to recover some feeling of human society.

There are other big surprises, and if you're trying to remain spoiler free I would advise not reading anymore and staying clear of the rest of this story, including the story from CHUD who broke the news.

Reese will be returning for a short role in the film and will appear alongside John Connor - I suspect this will be setting up his own return in the time machine that they discover, the return that we know from the original Terminator film.

There's also meant to be lots of big human against robot fighting scenes, in fact large scale battles, and these will include the rubber skinned T-600's.

However, that is not the biggest part of the story. The biggest part is what they are planning to do with the Terminators, and this is where you really should turn away now.

If the rumours are to be believed, it seems that they are going to be ripping the original idea of artificial intelligence in the robots out, and remembering all those scenes we've witnessed with Arnie having parts of his brain removed? Well they will all be out the window with this one.

According to this rumour, in Terminator Salvation: The Future Begins the Terminators are going to be using human brains as their own. CHUD say that this information has come from multiple sources and that they do start to think it's true. Me? I hope it isn't, because this idea rips apart the whole AI computer fear and makes the robots weak - they need human brains to think properly because theirs aren't good enough? Well they are, and what makes them such great villains are the cold, inhuman, robotic traits.

The idea that they are harvesting human brain's for their own needs just doesn't sit with me. This story was about destroying the humans who are a threat to the machines and other humans. They looked down on humans and thought they were inferior, so why the desire to use their brains?

I can't see it myself and hope that it doesn't turn out to be true. However I think it is confirmed that Bale is not the lead as Connor is not the lead character. Someone new will be as the new hero, Marcus.



Sounds very interesting, but I don't know what to say regarding that 'spoiler'. It's an awful idea if true and, as you said, would blow everything we've learned from the previous films out the window. What are they thinking? Did someone watch a Cyberman episode from Doctor Who or something? If this story is true I don't think I could even watch it to be honest.

On a lighter note, I don't mind the introduction of this Marcus character as it seems that he will lead us to John (story wise).

Richard, what are they doing to us?!

Alarm bells are ringing, Willy...


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