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Terminator Salvation: The Future Begins plot revealed

Terminator.jpgThe plot for Terminator Salvation: The Future Begins has been revealed, and although it isn't ground breaking, there is a little reveal that, coupled with the comments from the Producers the other day, suggests something a little more interesting.

The plot tells us that we're revisiting John Connor who is now in his thirties and his soon to be wife Kate Brewster. They start to build up a resistance against the rising robot army that SkyNet is producing to wipe them out but while they are doing so they discover that one of the survivors is a traitor in disguise and has a secret that nobody would ever suspect.

Bloody-Disgusting have the plot reveal, and if you couple that with the words of the Producers from the other day that Billy was so kind to send in, then you could start putting two and two together.

Actually I am having flashbacks to something I wrote a while ago about the story and someone, I honestly can't remember who because I can't find the story, probably a producer, said that the new Terminator would be a human in the midst of the resistance.

So could we be seeing just that? The new Terminator is going to be a human resistance fighter caught in the middle, probably doubting he's a Terminator in the first place?

Sounds like it could be an interesting turn, the first human based Terminator. I'm as interested in this concept as Ram said he is in the comments for the previous story, but I'm still fearful that it won't turn out so strong. Let's see who's cast in this other role first.



I'm not sure how it would work if one was a Terminator but didn't know it. They say in the 1st film that the old Terminators where easy to spot until they made them more human like (with bad breath etc) and dogs can always tell anyway.

Unless its a more advance Terminator from further in the future sent back to the (future) past, programmed to not know its a terminator. Confused?

If i understand myself correctly then it could work.

Hmm interesting. I'm not too sure about this plot to be honest. If we go by what the first film did (like Scotty said) then Terminators would be easy to spot, what with having 'rubber skin' and that. Plus dogs would go barking mad, so to speak.

Maybe this traitor character is Reese, and all along he's been bad? Not a Terminator of course, unless they got so advance they could impregnate someone. Oh I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

I wonder who will replace Claire Danes.

Hmm. A man who doesn't know he's a machine, fighting a war against machines who have already wiped out most of humanity in nuclear strikes, waiting to turn on his comrades?

Sounds a bit Battlestar Galactica to me.

Yeah, I thought that too Jim.

Scotty, that's a good idea. Perhaps though if it's the first they won't really realise why the dogs are barking...although the skin would have to be perfect.

Billy, that's a corker of an idea, that Reese is a Terminator...or perhaps just a traitor who has to make amends at the end of the film by going back in time to save Sarah Connor. That's a stunning idea - screenwriters pay attention and change the script now!! (or after the strike!)

Ha ha, thanks Richard, I'm sitting by the phone just in case.

The plotline goes like this ... roughly ...

John Connor fights SkyNet, as usual. There is another character, Marcus Wright, who sacrificed his own life for some company related to SkyNet. As a result, he is transformed into a T-800 terminator, only with a real heart, but a skin on the outside.

The movie ends with John fighting the t-800, and he gets ... terminated ...

The resistance does not want to dampen the moral, so they peel off Marcus's T-800 skin and put John Connor's skin on the T-800 ... what better ... a bulletproof leader ...

looking foward!


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