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The Dark Knight IMAX trailer online!

TheJoker.jpgThe trailer for The Dark Knight, that one showing before I Am Legend, has been captured and put online.

I can't really tell how great the quality is, I'm running it from work at the moment, but it's definitely there.

The trailer comes from MyMarketingSpace through Rated-M.com, and you can see it here. Here that is until I'm asked to pull it down or it disappears as I'm sure will happen very soon because I'm not sure, but this might be a bootlegged copy, mind you it's on MyMarketingSpace...I don't know, marketing trick or not?

The previous clip has been removed since it was taken down, but thanks to Spidey1703 we have the latest YouTube version of the IMAX clip:

Well? What do you think? I have to know if it's any good! How does the new Joker look in all his glory?



It looks as though it's filmed out of someones bag so the quality and sound aren't great. However the trailer looks awesome! The joker is looking pretty evil (though i kept thinking he looked a bit like The Crow) with shots of him blowing stuff up and sitting in a jail cell. Also appearances from a tough looking maggie gyllenhaal and michael caine, I can't wait.

Holy crap! Two things here:

1. This is looking better than the first one. And that is saying something. Christian Bale is the best thing that has ever happened to Batman.

2. Having said that, the Joker is stealing this preview. I was one of the ones who was very disappointed in the selection of Heath Ledger as Joker. If this trailer is any indication, I was very, very wrong. He looks diabolical.

I absolutely can't wait to see this.

This looks fantastic. The Joker looks very eery. I was fortunate enough to catch the opening 6 minutes last night prior to I Am Legend and it got a fantastic reaction from everyone in the theatre. I cannot 6 months wait for this movie!

Welcome back spidey! :P

Awesome, in my country we will not see the prologue in the cinema with IMAX quality but this trailer is enough for the moment.

This is not so shocking for me in a certain way, because I always trusted in Nolan and his decisions. This movie is going to be awesome.

it's official.

mogulus is a ledger joker fan.

it really has the feel and atmosphere of the first film...and looks to hold onto the unique quality it had.

oh and my favorite character (lucious fox) is back!!!


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