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The Good Night trailer

TheGoodNight.jpgThe Good Night is a strange sounding film. A man leads a standard, dull life which he really isn't invested in, but when he goes to sleep he starts dreaming of another life, of another love, and one that he's totally invested in.

So he tries to achieve those dreams more and more, until one day he sees the woman in real life and chases after her.

The concept sounds rather strange, and although the trailer could do with another cut, it's looking pretty good. The Good Night stars Martin Freeman, Penélope Cruz, Gwyneth Paltrow, Simon Pegg and Danny DeVito and is written and directed by Jake Paltrow - see the connection?

It's an interesting casting, and a strong role for Martin Freeman, and looking at the co-stars it does suggest that it's going to be something rather interesting.

You can see the trailer in various formats right here:

Windows Media Player: 100k 330k 850k
Quicktime: 100k 330k 850k



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