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The Making of a Modern Day Exorcist

TheExorcist.jpgThe Rite is a new film coming from New Line Cinema about exorcism, but this one isn't the usual horror film of a single event with the heroic and flawed priest, this is the true story of a priest who studied exorcism and actually carried out some real life exorcisms.

The film Rite: The Making of a Modern Day Exorcist will be based on the yet to be completed non-fiction book called The Rite by Matt Baglio, the screenplay for which will be adapted by Michael Petroni.

Matt Baglio was allowed to follow a priest during the months of training with a senior exorcist at a Vatican associated school. From the Hollywood Reporter story it isn't exactly clear if Baglio followed the priest into actual exorcisms, but the film is expected to show some fictionalised versions based on the experiences of the priest.

The book isn't yet finished though, and the script will be written once the strike is over, so there's a long way to go. However I thought this was a particularly interesting angle on something that is usually left for horror films to portray an over dramatised version of.

Michael Petroni also wrote the recent remake Possession starring Sarah Michelle Gellar in another Asian horror remake.

What I'd like to see are the circumstances in which these exorcisms are granted, and how much real life psychology is used before and during the process. It certainly sounds an interesting film and story.



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