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The official Dark Knight trailer online

TheJoker.jpgForget the bootlegged copies, this is the actual, official, brand new trailer for The Dark Knight and it's online now in various sizes of Quicktime.

What's more is that it looks superb, very dark in tone and atmosphere, and very real in its city scapes. In short it looks stunning.

I really like the fact that the film doesn't all seem to play out at night, that Batman is standing atop a huge skyscraper that looks like it's part of a real city, not some fantasy city.

Then there's the Joker, threatening to steal the show from Batman, he looks and sounds exceptionally evil. I wonder if this could be the biggest and best Batman to date?

A Taste for the Theatrical [Flash:QT:M:L:XL], and here are the direct links for that trailer in Quicktime medium [24.6mb], high [78.1mb] and best [98.2mb] quality.

Thanks to Spidey1703 for the link in the email, good man.

If you're still looking, that bootlegged opening seven minute IMAX trailer is still online, and you can see it right here.



Dr. Jones will need more than a whip to beat this bat and clown!

swearing incoherently wouldn't even come close to conveying how psyched for this particular flick i am now.

oh heath...i want to shake your hand, you silly man.


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