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The Ruins scenes seen

TheRuins.jpgSome of the scenes of the film adaptation of Scott B. Smiths The Ruins have been seen, and while my book review is about to go online, I can reveal that I was really concerned that they just couldn't recreate the story on screen.

However, after reading about the three scenes that have been witnessed in the editing room, I'm beginning to think it could work out.

The Ruins (The Ruins / Amazon.com) is a cracking novel which has a very focused feel to it and looks at the relationships and mindsets of people as their lives plunge deeper and deeper into darkness.

I really liked the style of the novel and the superb characterisation, but I was just so unsure how this dark and bleak novel could make it to the screen, especially with so little big events happening. Well I think my concerns might be gone.

Shock Till You Drop through Coming Soon have seen three scenes from the film in the editing room, and they describe them as intensely and visually harrowing as the novel.

A quick recap for you, the story is about a group of tourists, two couples and a few friends, who head to find the brother of one of the friends who disappeared with a young lady on their way to an archaeological dig. When the group arrive there, after a difficult search, the are trapped at the site and there seems to be no escape and no one left at the site.

“...without giving much away, one bewildered tourist takes an arrow to the chest and a bullet to the brain. It's sudden. Appalling, actually. Its impact is further compounded by the fact that this act of violence occurs in broad daylight. Because of that, the blood that erupts out of the victim's head and splashes across the arid earth below takes on a sickly brown tint.”

The big scene though is later on in the novel and is described here, again don't fear as I don't think this is really a spoiler.

“...someone...getting their legs amputated the most raw, primitive way possible: With the use of a heavy boulder and a simple hunting knife. The build-up to the actual breaking and slicing is intense, the sound design is gut-churning and Carter positions his camera expertly right at the amputation point to reveal bone sliding out of the thigh!”

I've stopped that description short because I think there is a little too much information there, but the main gist is that the film seems to be as uncompromising and raw as the novel, and if that description is anything to go by then it's going to be as intense and unnerving as the descriptive words of Smith.

I am starting to look forward to this now.



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