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The Ruins trailer online for all

TheRuins.jpgWell for those of you in the Canada and the U.S. the trailer for The Ruins is online and in high definition, but for the rest of us in the world, it's obvious that neither MTV nor the studio wants us to see the film as yet.

However, I've tracked down a way to see it if you're outside of the US, and that you can do right here.

I have no idea why this site persists in blocking the content from those outside the U.S. when any other site carrying trailers allows you in. It's a big crazy if you ask me.

However, that aside, here's the first trailer for The Ruins, the film adaptation of the novel by Scott Smith, writer of A Simple Plan. I've just reviewed the novel itself, so here's hoping the film lives up to it.

The story is about a group of tourists who head off into the jungle of Mexico to find the missing brother of one of the group. Last they heard he was at an archaeological dig, luckily he left a map. So off they head, and when they eventually find the spot, they discover that no one or nothing wants to let them leave alive.

Oh my god, after I wrote that I just watched the trailer. Knowing the novel I have to say that this film looks like it's capturing the essence of that story, not surprising since Scott Smith also wrote the screenplay. It looks really tense and incredibly scary.

You can see the trailer in Quicktime 720p through Shock Till You Drop, and if you are in the U.S. or Canada I think you might get a few more high definition choices for the trailer over at MTV.

Well, what did you think? I think it looks like a cracker.



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