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Travolta leaves Dallas?

JREwing.jpgThis is a serious sign for the film version of Dallas if it's true. Rumour has it today that John Travolta has been the latest in a long line of changes for the cinematic version of the television soap Dallas.

According to reports Travolta has left the production, and now Ben Stiller is being touted for the role.

The rumour says that John Travolta is the latest victim of the production and in fact was let go. That makes two director changes, an entire cast change, and two major script rewrites if I can keep my count up, just have a look at the tag search for Dallas for the previous stories.

The rumour comes from Page Six through the New York Post blog, so slap a heavy rumour label on this one, but it isn't beyond the realms of impossibility.

The word is that the script for Dallas is now very slapstick, and more suiting of the humour of someone like Ben Stiller, and this is a possible reason that Travolta left.

Really though, does anyone care? For me the last straw is the leaving of Travolta as I thought that was pretty inspired casting, and he was the man holding the production together for so long in the direction it was going.



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