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UK Secret Cinema's first showing

SecretCinema.jpgThe first showing for Secret Cinema, which I wrote about just before Xmas, went ahead as planned and seemed to be a huge success.

People arrived at the meeting point not knowing where they were going or what they were going to see, but all was soon revealed.

The massed audience were taken to a point underneath the railway arches at London Bridge, and the event opened up with music, performances, projected loops, dressed sets from the film and over twenty skateboarders doing their thing around the audience.

Then it was time for the film, Gus Van Sant's Paranoid Park was shown, the adaptation of the Blake Nelson novel (Amazon,co.uk / Amazon.com) which follows a sixteen year old skateboarder who accidentally kills a security guard at Portland's infamous skateboarding park. He says nothing and his guilt takes on a crushing and soul destroying weight.

You can see photos from the event over at their Flickr channel for the event and the press (yes Filmstalker's on there!), and there's also a Facebook and YouTube location for the Secret Cinema team. It looks a great event, and I'm definitely going to watch out for them coming to Edinburgh (a secret heads up would be great guys so I don't miss it!).

Keep an eye out for when Secret Cinema are coming near to you in 2008, for they really are promising a great event and a unique screening. In the meantime here are a few clips of the events that went on at the event.



I almost went, but then it rained :(

And I was expecting Ram to be there at all costs! ;)


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