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Voight says Hollywood stars are snobs

JonVoight.jpgJon Voight has apparently said that some Hollywood stars are snobs for not doing sequels and insists that there's nothing wong with them.

He is of course referring to his work on National Treasure: Book of Secrets, the sequel to National Treasure.

His comments from WENN through Starpulse News Blog are rather amusing:

“Sequels, they used to poo poo them. It used to be this idea that if you're doing sequels, you're not an artist. But it's so silly. Of course there's nothing wrong with sequels. Number one, it puts a lot of people to work. And when you have something people love, it's nice to have another chapter.”

Well of course it does, and it pays the bills, etc. The story claims that he also said there's nothing wrong with giving movie fans more of what they want.

Yes, that is true. However there's something about quality and doing something new and original, something that I know Jon Voight once held high in his career. Now he's happy to do mind disengaging, poorly thought through and written films such as this.

Okay, maybe I am being a little harsh, perhaps the sequel is miles better to the first, but I would be very surprised if it was. The first was a joke of a contrived plot.

National Treasure, Bratz, SuperBabies, The Karate Dog, whatever happened to The Champ, The Odessa File, Deliverance, Midnight Cowboy? Would you be happy to make a sequel to Catch-22 or Midnight Cowboy?



Have you seen that Seinfeld episode that had Jon Voight as guest? It's hilarious! :)

Loved him in The Champ & The Odessa File by the way.

I have nothing against sequels, there are some that are really good, even better than the originals. My take though in films such as National Treasure, is their light hearted mindless fun that doesnt need to be taken seriously. They were not made to be dramatic award winning vehicles.

It's funny when they showed the trailer of National Treasure: Book of Secrets in my local cinema and Helen Mirren was shown, everybody laughed, and I can guess the audience was probably like, what is she doing in that movie? And much as I don't want to judge why respectable and award winning actors/actresses have to do this types of films, but one, it pays the bills, and two it's another way to showcase their versatility as an actor. I know a lot cringe at the idea of some of these actors choices but hey, almost all of them have one or two in their CV so it's not as if it's an isolated case.



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