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X-Files sequel script changes?

X-Files_Poster.jpgThere's a rumour appeared in a tabloid today that David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson have asked for a sub plot to be removed from the X-Files sequel, currently just titled X-Files 2, with one scene in particular causing the most problems.

According to a source, and we know how unreliable these can be, the stars want a romantic sub plot and a love scene removed from the sequel.

Now the first thing to realise about this, over and above the obvious source bit, is that script rewrites and changes happen all the time and this could be an old issue, however if it isn't and it is as reported, then X-Files 2 could be in a little bit of trouble.

You see if they want the romantic sub plot dropped then they'll need to rewrite some of the script, and what does that take? Writers.

You see the problem? The writers are all on strike in Hollywood, so they won't be able to get one to rewrite the romantic sub plot and the love scene. Of course they could just drop them out of filming and see what's left, but you would tend to think that good writers would have tied that sub plot to the main plot and scenes around the two actors.

According to a source who talked to The Daily Express and through Digital Spy, both David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson want the love scene scrapped and the sub plot dropped because they believe that was one of the faults of the original show sliding down the ratings.

"David and Gillian are concerned about having the characters involved in some kind of love story, as they feel that was the beginning of the end of the original show."

According to that source negotiations over the changes are ongoing, and if that is the case then they are in a bit of a tight place because there are no writers to work on the script just now, and time is short, especially since they are filming now.



i agree with them, Richard. I personally never lost interest whatsoever in the X files, right up until the final scene of the final episode, and thought the show came to a logical and fulfilling conclusion.

i'm so glad this movie is going ahead, and i'm now cursing the writers whom are holding up the strike.

yeah, i know they're owed better contract details and that they're in the "wright", but come on. holding up my x files movie?

that's just plain rude :)

Well let's remember this is rumour and it might have been an issue that came up in the past, because the filming is happening now.

I agree to an extent too, the romantic\sexual tension has to be there, but they can't explore it too much.

That said, in a long running series there's now way they couldn't have explored it.

It's interesting though, this is where writers could start losing ground and this is something that the AMPTP haven't been exploiting as yet. Audience's favourite films being held up because of no writers - and I don't mean the small films we've seen hit so far.

If they could have held up Dark Knight and blamed the writers there would have been a massive popularity swing for them.

One of the things I liked and IMHO worked really well for X-Files being successful was that the Mulder-Scully relationship was never drummed up to get the focal point of attention (until of course much later on and by then I have lost interest, not so much because of this very reason).

Since it's out in the open now, a little bit of are they or aren't they may be good to raise the level of excitement but spin us another brilliant story nonetheless!

I think it was perfectly natural that the x files ended the way it did. There was only one way to go, together. The film cannot go backward. Any good writer can write what goes on in a marrige. We need to get out of the mind set of once they get together that's it... thel'll split up...no, no, no, that is not it. People fall and stay in love too. They live, and continue to live love and grow old together.


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