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Xmas at Filmstalker

What a day! Lovely grub, both sets of parents round, Prosecco, various red wines, and loads of great presents...that's Xmas over, now just to play with them.

Of course things have been happening at Filmstalker too. While I managed to get some time off yesterday, there's still tons to be done (as always), and remember it's just me. One big thing is the bandwidth.

You may have noticed ver the past week or two that there have been a couple of occasions where the site has disappeared and been replaced with a big “Bandwidth Exceeded” message. Well it seems Filmstalker is growing at a daily rate, even in the second year.

Despite buying the top business package at the hosting company and then having to buy a bulk package of bandwidth on top, the site is just eating through it.

After the first downtime I had a wad of bandwidth added, only to see it disappear within three days, and that's three days over Xmas day!

Now I have to consider the options for 2008 and figure out just how I'm going to keep Filmstalker going when I have another job, meagre advertising income, and a wedding and a honeymoon to plan and enjoy.

I think this will be a busy and tough year! Here's to it though.



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