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A Hulk franchise? Who knew?!

EdNorton.jpgEdward Norton has been saying that this new Hulk film is intended as the first chapter, hinting at a franchise for the Hulk.

I mean who would have guessed? That's never intended for every superhero film there is, and it was never intended for the first Hulk was it? - Note that this is sarcasm!

The quote from TotalFilm through Digital Spy has Edward Norton talking about how he turned down the role a number of times before accepting it, and that this version is starting again with their own version of the series.

Seriously though, how different can this be? Hulk gets created, maybe, but then it's just Banner gets angry, Hulk smashes and kills. Just drop in another villain and you're there.

I really can't see this any different as before, sure the filming will be, and we won't have the stupid monster poodles, but it's still the Hulk, same character, same motivation, and lots of crashing and killing. I still don't understand Norton's desire to write and play The Incredible Hulk either.



I think it'll be Smashing ... he's nailed the dual persona thing good & proper. The choice of actor couldn't have been any better .. Wait & see!

Yeah I will...I'm not so out of sorts with the actor, just the anti-Lee version talk and how they keep hyping this up to be something stunningly different from his version.

I'm looking forward to The Incredible Hulk, regardless of how different it may or may not be from the original.

From what I've read, they're sticking more to the spirit of the TV show than the comic books - smart decision given how much wider the appeal was for the TV series compared to the comics. Not that I'm saying the comics are/were not popular, just many more people are far more likely to have flicked through the channels and left Bill Bixby's portrayal on than the number to have gone out to a comic book shop to buy the latest publication.

While it had it's poor moments, I liked Ang Lee's Hulk. I thought Eric Bana gave a great portrayal, although I think Edward Norton is a closer match to Bruce Banner than Bana was.

This project certainly has potential, but that's never enough on it's own. We'll have to see how it unfolds....

I'm so glad that someone else shares similar opinions on the first Hulk film.

I thought it was a superb comic book adaptation, as you say apart from a few flaws.

It'll be interesting to see how they do take it to the show rather than the film. It'll also be interesting to see how the Norton script captures that original tv series feeling.

the hulk frenchfries?! hope they come in a supersized meal...


i thought the original hulk movie was wonderful. the only thing i didn't understand was how phantom noltea was defeated.

with the main villain being " the abomination " i can't see how this movie could possibly be boring. and the cast...heck. the cast is superb.

who would have thought Liv Tyler would ever do this flick?


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