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Fan made Star Trek teaser online

StarTrek_Poster.jpgThe first teaser trailer for Star Trek has appeared online. Yes, I said that right, the a fan made trailer for J.J. Abrams Star Trek is online and right here.

I've just watched it and it's the real thing a fan made trailer, although I had to see it without sound and at a jerky frame rate you can watch it in all its glory right here.

I do wish I had sound at my work and access to see the trailer, unfortunately I don't and I'm having to make do without it. You however can see the full thing, so get yourself strapped in and tell me just how good it really is!

Thanks to Doug for the embedded code.

Well? How did it do for you? Is J.J. Abrams teasing you enough for this coming Star Trek, a film we won't see until the end of the year?

The answer is probably yes, but not with this one. This is a fan made trailer, although a very cleverly created one, so apologies for that I was just far too excited not to post it and I couldn't wait six hours to do it from home after work.

The reason I made the mistake is that there are some clever credits top and tail to the trailer and I could only see it in a very poor frame rate with no colour and no audio, it looked pretty exciting from where I was!

Well it's a false start, but it still got the blood pumping. Thanks to Michael and AHTB for pointing out the true origins.



Not a bad teaser, kinda what I expected... is it just me (or the very poor video quality) or do the special effects look home made?

Thanks. That's 30 pointless seconds of my life I'll never get back. What's the point of it?

According to trekmovie.com it's a fan made video with music from ST:Generations and the Spock monologue from the Wrath of Khan.

That "trailer" (if it is one!) is 80% about the sound.

Didn't make me keen on the film though. I'm no trekkie though, and I stopped caring about "Lost" after season 1. But I like Eric Bana and Simon Pegg!

You may want to watch something with sound before you declare it to be real.

This isn't real. It's a very well done fan trailer using shoddy graphics, audio from "Star Trek II" and the soundtrack from "Star Trek: Generations."

Nice try, tho.

Apologies all, it is fan made now that I can actually see it!

Well Michael, hardly as strong as you make out, but yes it is a mistake on my part. I couldn't not let it go though otherwise it would have been a six hour wait and you'd have been saying how late I was.

You win some, you lose some. Actually now that I see it I recognise it from ages ago, it's been tacked on with the Paramount, Bad Robot and the closing title.

Still I think it looks damn good for fan made!

Thanks for the correction Michael and AHTB.

Ian, did you mean 1:34?

No, he liked the first 64 seconds of it.


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