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Amelia Earhart new director found

AmeliaEarhart.jpgA new director has been found for Amelia, the biographical film looking at the life of Amelia Earhart and starring Hilary Swank as the famous aviator.

According to reports the new director, after Phillip Noyce left the production, is Mira Nair, who previously directed The Namesake and Vanity Fair.

This sounds like good news for the project, although Phillip Noyce would have done and exceptional job, there are a lot worse choices for his replacement, and actually I think Mira Nair might bring something equally as impressive to the big screen.

Amelia Earhart was not just a great pilot who disappeared on her flight to circumnavigate the globe, but she was also a strong campaigner for womens rights, and Nair really can bring out some strong female characters and still make them sympathetic to the audience and allow them to connect.

She's also managed to bring some strong Indian influences and indeed with The Namesake an entire story, towards mainstream Hollywood cinema.

For these reasons I think she might be a great choice for The Story of Amelia Earhart, if the rumour from Moviehole's source is correct, and I've seen nothing to doubt that.



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