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Another Rambo?

Rambo.jpgThere's growing talk of another Rambo film, even though this was intended to be the closing episode of the Rambo series, it seems that everyone is wanting more.

Now it's Harvey Weinstein's turn.

His comments are very vague, but it's showing much more appetite for another Rambo film, and there are a growing number of voices coming out in support of it, and not just from Sylvester Stallone either. Weinstein spoke about the film to Deadline Hollywood Daily (sorry I can't grab the link at the moment) through First Showing and said:

"I like the idea of an older guy kicking ass. Maybe it's because I'm older, too…"

It seems that he even has an idea for a plot, one that would bring him back to America. Well I have to say that he isn't the driving force behind the films, it's Stallone, and any possible film would lie with him and him alone.

Sure someone else could have an idea and write a script, or pay someone else to write it for them, but in the end it's Sylvester Stallone who is Rambo, and if he doesn't find the right story for the character then he's not going to do it.

However that said, there's such positive word about the film and there does seem to be a positive drive from Stallone too. Could we see another Rambo? Would you want to?

I can honestly say that I'd be more than happy to see Rambo, McClane or Terminator back again. The actors may be old, but the characters never die, and in the case of McClane we've already seen a strong comeback that reflects the original film. There's definitely room left for these older action heroes.



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