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Another Scrooged?

Scrooged.jpgScrooged is perhaps the best version of A Christmas Carol that there is, Bill Murray is hilarious in it and the whole film is superbly written and acted.

Word is out that there's going to be another comedy version made, but I can't see it being anywhere near as successful. This version is going to be a David Zucker, film, you know Scary Movie's, Naked Gun's, Airplane's.

According to Moviehole he's ducking out of making anything else before his Scrooge film, a film that will apparently be relocated to the fourth of July and see Scrooge turn his hatred against America rather than Christmas. Is this Osama Bin Scrooged?

On the night before Independence Day he is visited by three spirits who show him the true greatness of America and the film will parody everyone from, and I quote…

"…JFK to Ted Kennedy, Hitler and Mussolini…"

Mmm…I could actually see that this would work if it was Osama Bin Scrooged, actually I think I've just coined a great script idea there.



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