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Assassination of a High School President clips online

BruceWillis.jpgThere are some clips online for Assassination of a High School President showing Bruce Willis in action as the military head of the school, and Reece Thompson as the lead character, Bobby Funke alongside fellow school mate Mischa Barton.

They do look good, and there are some genuinely laugh out loud moments, however there's also some poor moments and flatly delivered lines from Barton.

I'm really not sure about this and it does hint strongly towards Brick (Filmstalker review) which was an excellent film and well deserving of copies, however because it's so niche I wonder if imitation will really work for the films or if they have to find their own style and voice.

Mind you, to be fair this connection comes through only two of the five clips that are sitting over at Collider [Flash].

Assassination of a High School President sees Thompson trying to become a member of the much sought after summer journalism program, however his social standing and skills are severely lacking and when the SAT tests are stolen he realises this is his story and one that he pursues with vigour.

Word from the Sundance screenings is that this is a very strong film with great performances. I'll have to bow to those words and say that perhaps these clips taken out of context just don't do it justice.



Before any more reviewers make themselves look like idiots with references to Brick, please be aware that this screenplay was completed BEFORE Brick was ever screened. The screenwriters didn't even know Brick existed. Any connection between the two films is pure coincidence.

Well thanks for calling me an idiot, really nice way to win me over rather than just getting my back up.

How ignorant I must be, I should have instantly known that the screenplay was written well before Brick. I mean that information is so readily available and made public, and it's so obvious what with this film coming out so long after Brick too.

That, by the way, was sarcasm. Now if you'd merely said did you know that the script was written long before Brick, etc. Then perhaps you wouldn't have come across so negatively.


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